Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Internet Marketing Business Plan

Internet Marketing, as a concept, is a requirement for any business or service provider, these days. I know, there are several websites that will help you to get your Internet promotion planning done yourself (a few of my articles would fall in the list too). Nonetheless, those ideas are most effective in case of small businesses. Like, if a business is in set up mode, then it would not be favorable for it to spend a lot of money on hiring professionals. As such, the "do-it-yourself" business plans are good to start off with. But, in the case of moderate to big businesses, the most plausible idea would be to hire a firm that could handle the Internet marketing on their behalf. This is why businesses promoted online have scope.

As usual, I am going to start off with a case study:
"LinkIn Consultancy is a firm that deals in Internet promoting solutions. It was started by a group of 4 college friends who were very Internet savvy and had done their Marketing Management Courses. As such, they know what the market needs and how to deliver. Since, they were young and energetic, they did a lot of self marketing and networking, this got them good long term clients. Now, at the age of 45, each one of them is drawing a turnover of Rs 300,000/- per month, individually" Isn't it amazing how a little out of the box thinking can make you rich and keep you intellectually fulfilled?

Let us now, see how to set up an Internet Marketing Business
First and foremost, it is imperative for anyone desirous to start this business, to have a good idea about several marketing strategies. It is vital to stay up-to-date with the latest case studies, take overs, and other similar activities. They may not all be Internet related, but they are, nonetheless, required to get an understanding of the market and its components.

Now we come to the starting points, I like to call them "Engine notes"
Once you have built a good enough marketing knowledge-base, you need to market yourself in order to get clients. You need to use online marketing, that would be applicable for small business and promote your website, as well. Google AdSense and Google AdWords could be put to good use in this case!

Next, you need to know exactly how to set up referral, Google AdSense and Google AdWords accounts (for the potential clients). Before you start work on a particular project, Google for related and relevant websites and blogs. This can assist virtual participation and visibility. Further, linking and back linking can be put in use, as well. Make sure, that the company that has retained you, provides you with rights to participate virtually on their behalf. They could do it themselves as well, but that would be redundant (they have hired you to do the Internet work, right?).

Now, we come to the ethical aspects
Business ethics are the secret to several business successes. A job done ethically will bear fruit, as it will be done well. Make sure that you deliver, to your clients, what you promise. This will make them stick with you for a long time and the word of mouth will take effect. A lot of organizations these days, prefer to market and advertise via the web, simply because that is where the whole world is, right? Nonetheless, some businesses will not profit from the Internet as much as they would otherwise. In case, of such businesses, you could assist them with online earning options rather than marketing. This would help your credibility to be apparent.

Bottom line: do business, make profits; but do not swindle anyone who approaches you. This, is a secret to lasting businesses. All the best!
By Rashida Khilawala

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